Terms and conditions



These terms and conditions are between Bay Portable Storage and the Storer.  By storing your items with Bay Portable Storage you are in agreement to these terms and conditions.  No verbal statements made by us or any of our staff apply.

Prohibited items

Bay Portable Storage does not allow storage items that contain flammable liquids, explosives, gasses, firearms, petroleum products, matches, cleaning liquids including liquid bleach, pets or plants of any sort, perishable goods, gold, silver, jewellery and any cash or other currency.  Click here to see the full prohibited items list.

Accessibility to residence

It is the sole responsibility of the resident to make sure that the residence is accessible and deemed safe for the truck and it’s owners/operators and staff to deliver the Bay Portable Storage box.  Bay Portable Storage reserves the right to cancel any delivery if it is deemed unsafe or inaccessible.  

Deliveries, loading and unloading

Unless pre-arranged and agreed, This does not include assembly of items, moving very large heavy items and placement of items upstairs, downstairs and difficult places.  Moving items up and down long and steep driveways.  Long loading and unload times may incur an extra unloading charge.


There is a $50.00 bond that is required.  This bond will be refunded once the Storage box has been returned clean and emptied. 


Storage fees are paid monthly.  We require a minimum of 1 months storage rental for short-term storage.  Every month is calculated from the anniversary date after the 1st month has passed.  Payments are to be made by automatic bank payment one month in advance or by credit card.

We charge from the day (inclusive of) the Storage box is booked and delivered till the day the Storage box is emptied, cleaned and returned to the facility.  Accounts must be paid for in full before the goods are released or delivered back to the owners.

Late payments

There is a $20.00 fee for any account that has a late payment.  Late payment fee applied 7 days after due date.  A further late payment of $20 per week thereafter.

If account remains unpaid for 1 month or more, Bay Portable Storage has the right to break open the Storage box and sell goods to recoup outstanding costs and extra expenses in selling the goods.  All costs involved in settling the customer’s account will be charged to the customer.  We will set-off against any amount we receive from the disposal of the contents of the Storage box and everything you owe Bay Portable Storage and send you the excess (if any).


The Customer must keep their account paid in advance (that is, all payments must be made before they fall due on the first day of the new billing cycle.)

As an example, if you are paying fortnightly and start your rental on Monday 1st January, then your first two weeks will be due on Monday 1st, and the second two weeks will be due on Monday 15th January.

If the customer fails to pay their rent on time:

  After 7 calendar days of default:

  • Bay Portable Storage will deny the Customer access to the unit.
  • The Customer will be liable for a late payment fee for any further missed payments.

   After 20 calendar days of default:

  • Bay Portable Storage will send a FINAL DEMAND by post, email, or text.

   After 30 calendar days of default:

  • Bay Portable Storage will take ownership of the contents and dispose of them to free up the unit and recover rent arrears if possible;
  • Any remaining arrears will be liable for 20% per annum interest and forwarded to a debt collection agency.

Every effort will be taken to contact the Customer if they default on their payments, however it is the Customer’s responsibility to ensure their payments are made on time and to inform Bay Portable Storage of any changes to their contact details.

All items are stored at the Customer’s risk. Bay Portable Storage accepts no risk and no responsibility for any goods stored.

Rights to access the Storage box

If for any reason we feel that you have stored something in the Storage box that in our opinion may threaten the life or property of yourself or anybody else, we may break open the Storage box and take any action we feel is appropriate in our absolute discretion.  If at all possible we will try our utmost best to make contact with you first to give you the opportunity to give us access to the Storage box.  If no contact was made, we will contact you as soon as possible with the reason why action was taken.

Change of address

It is solely the customers responsibility to advise Bay Portable Storage of any change of address and contact phone number immediately.  We will contact you  at the last given address and phone number and can assume that mail was delivered 3 working days after being sent.


It is the customers responsibility to ensure all goods while being loaded, in storage and in transit.  Bay Portable Storage is not liable for any damages caused or losses or expenses while in storage or transit.

Storage box access

We require a 24 hour notice period should the customer wish to access their storage box at the storage facility.  Bay Portable Storage may charge to access the box if requesting box access becomes deemed unreasonably frequently. Bay Portable Storage will decide what is deemed unreasonable. 

Ending the Storage agreement

Bay Portable Storage need at least 48 hours notice to organise the re-delivery of your Storage box.  Contact must be made an agreement of re-delivery must be arranged.

Damaged goods

Bay Portable Storage is in no way liable for any damages incurred to any property or goods while in transit or storage.  All Storage boxes must be packed securely, use the tie down hooks provided inside the Storage box and not exceed a combined weight of 1200 kg’s.

Storer’s responsibility

  • It is purely the Storer’s responsibility that the Storage box is packed safely and securely for transit and that the weight remains no more than a combined weight of 1200 kg’s.
  • No nails or screws are attached to the inside or outside of the Storage box.
  • to have the Storage box packed and ready to be taken within the time frame stated. extra charges for may apply if the Storage box is not ready to be taken within the set time frame.
  • must not store any items listed on the prohibited items list or anything that is of extreme value or irreplaceable.
  • must use the Storage box purely for storage and not participate in any business conduct.
  • This agreement is between Bay Portable Storage and the Storer and can not assign the Storage box or agreement to someone else.
  • all money owed must be paid, access or re-delivery of storage box will be refused.
  • return the Storage box clean and tidy.  A cleaning fee will be charged if the Storage box needs cleaning at Bay Portable Storage discretion.
  • Show on time if it was arranged to access the Storage box at the facility.  A No Show fee will be charged, where a time was arranged to access the storage box at the facility at the allotted time and the Storer does not show.
  • Storer’s responsibility when making direct deposit, online payments or any other payments of any sort to allocate a reference name and number.
  • Storer’s responsibility to make payments in full and on time.  Bay Portable Storage will not send out a monthly invoice.


  • Late payment fees.  A late payment will be charged if a payment is 7 days or more overdue.
  • No Show fee, where arranged to access a Storage box at our facility and the Storer does not arrive at the arranged time.
  • Access fee when a Storer accesses their Storage box at an unreasonable regular basis or out of operating hours.
  • Delivery fee when the storage box has been stored for less than 6 months, or is delivered and re-delivered to the Storer.
  • an additional delivery fee in the event that Bay Portable Storage was unable to deliver the box allocated by the Storer.
  • Any cost that have incurred to Bay Portable Storage in collecting late payment fees or storing, disposing of goods that have not been paid for.
  • Any infringements where a Storage box has been delivered and placed on public property or roadways.
  • A minimum monthly charge will be charged if a Storage box has been cancelled after it has been delivered.
  • A cancellation fee of $50 if less than 24 hours notice is given.
  • Our service area is within a 20 kilometer radius from 39 Maru Street.  Charges of $2.00 per kilometer will apply to and from outside the service area.


Bay Portable Storage has the right to refuse access and re-delivery of the storage box or to cancel at any time and for any reason.

Changing terms

Bay Portable Storage has the right to change the terms and conditions.  We will notify the Storer in the event and give the Storer 1 months notice.

Bay Portable Storage is the convenient and cost effective way of storing your items. If you are renting out, moving or renovating your home, or just want to de-clutter your home. At Bay Portable Storage we keep the stress to a minimum. We deliver the storage box, you pack it, we pick it up and re-deliver it when you are ready.