Spa Deliveries and Relocations

We now specialise in moving / delivering / relocating spa pools!

We have the right equipment for the job to get your spa in the desired location.

A SPA DELIVERY GUIDE   We can deliver and you can enjoy!

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We have the right equipment for the job to get your spa in the desired location.

Deliver your new spa   –   Pick up a secondhand spa   –   Relocate your existing spa

Access to the desired location:

The size of a spa is mostly 740mm – 900mm high.  With the trolley we will need a minimum of 1 meter wide access.

Please check gates, windows, spouting, trees and shrubs and anything else that may obstruct the access area.

All spa’s vary in size.  Be sure to check the height for access.  As the spa is placed on it’s side for delivery, check the spa width plus 300mm for the trolley.

Check for tight corners, make sure there is enough room for the spa to pivot around to avoid getting wedged into a corner.

Placement of spa will need to be on a flat surface, preferably a 100mm thick reinforced concrete pad.

If placed on a deck be sure it will be strong enough to hold a minimum of 2000kg’s, which is the weight of a 2m x 2m spa filled with water.  All decks should be structurally sound and reinforced.

Spa’s can not be placed on a soft surface like gravel, grass or dirts as this tends to settle and may cause cracks in your spa and void a warranty.

Services offered with delivery:

    • Place spa in the desired location
    • Instal cover lifter
    • Set up spa
    • place steps in place
  • explanation on how to use and take care of your spa

Other things you may consider:

Which way will the cover open – is there enough head room to open the cover and a space to place the cover.

Where will you place your steps

Be sure to place the spa so there is access to the service area

Drainage of your spa must face into the garden or a waste area to avoid flooding the spa for electrical safety reasons.

Adequate ventilation is advised as over time moisture could damage walls and ceilings.

We have all the equipment to carefully place your spa into the desired location.  As a last resort, sometimes the only way to place the spa in the desired location is by crane, due to safety.  We work closely with a professional team who is able to help us with this job at an affordable price.