Pricing details and sizes

Pricing details and sizes

Storage delivered to your door
5m3   – $80 per month                                                                      10m3  –  $145 per month                                                                      12m3  –  $175 per month                                                                Quotes given on multiple boxes

We can deliver the portable storage box to your door. No need for a trailer or furniture truck. No double handling, packing in and out and driving back and forth to the storage unit and bringing back trailers.
Simply give us a ring and we can help you work out how much storage space we think you will need.  From that information we will be able to give you a quote. We also provide WINZ quotes.                


We are WINZ approved

As an extra service, we can help you move your un-stored items from A to B with our furniture truck, or help you sell the items you no longer wish to keep

Everyone’s situation is different, so please contact us if you have a special request.

Click here for guide of how much fits into a 2.4 meter box

Portable Storage Box Measurements:

Bay Portable Storage boxes come in three sizes, 5m3, 10m3 and 12m3 approximate size. The internal measurements are1.78m Wide x 1.16m Long x 2.24m High, 1.78m Wide x 2.36m Long x 2.24m High for the 10m3 and 1.78m wide x 2.86m long x 2.24m high for the 12m3.

Pricing details:

All our prices include GST.  Delivery prices of your storage box are within the service area.  Off course we can still deliver the box if you live outside the service area, we will happily work out the charges outside the service area for you.

Moving but don’t need storage, off course we can help.  We can deliver the Storage box while you pack at your leisure within a 24 hour period.  We have blankets available for hire for just $2.50 per month each and a moving trolley for hire at $25 per 24 hours. We can deliver and HELP load your box/es and re-deliver at your new location.

Bay Portable Storage is the convenient and cost effective way of storing your items. If you are renting out, moving, building or renovating your home, having carpet replaced, shampooed or are repainting or just want to de-clutter your home. At Bay Portable Storage we keep the stress to a minimum. We deliver the storage box, you pack it, we pick it up and re-deliver it when you are ready.