Moving and Transport

Need movers?

We have professional movers who can help carefully pack your storage boxes.  They are police checked and respectful with your precious items.  Just let us know if this is a service you require and we can organise for them to be there to help. Please contact us to find out the conditions.

All our boxes come with a moving trolley that you can use to pack your storage box.

Our professional guys can help unpack your storage box at your new location.  Just let us know when booking your re-delivery and we will make sure someone is there to help unload.  Unless pre-arranged and agreed, this does not include assembly of items, moving very large heavy items and placement of items upstairs, downstairs and difficult places.  Moving items up and down long and steep driveways.  Long unload times may incur an extra unloading charge.

Need transport with your move?

We have a small furniture truck available for your needs and can do do small house moves, deliver furniture or your goods, and in general help with your transport needs from A to B. Call us to find out more on (07) 575 6148.

bay portable truck

Need packaging supplies?

We can supply you with packaging materials like cardboard boxes, bubble wrap, packaging tape, sharpie’s, utility knives and more…  You can also hire or buy moving blankets and return them when you have unloaded your storage box.

We sell packaging supplies that can be picked up from our warehouse prior to your move or delivered with your Portable Storage Box all ready for you to pack.

Products available:

packaging supplies

  1. BOX # 8 $3.50  (great for smaller, heavier items)
  2. BOX # 9 $5.50  (great for clothing, linen, towels etc..)
  3.  BUBBLE WRAP 10 METERS $12.50  (great for pictures, glassware)
  4. CORRUGATED CARDBOARD 15 METERS $30.00(great for covering furniture, better than bubble wrap as it doesn’t leave marks.)
  5. KNIFE $5.00
  6. PACKING TAPE $5.00
  7. MATTRESS PROTECTOR $12.50  (fits a single, double and queens size)
  8. BLANKETS $12.50  (Great for covering your furniture to save it from scratching, especially while in transit)