How it works

How it works

Bay Portable Storage is the convenient and cost effective way of storing your items, if you are renting out, moving or renovating your home, or just want to de-clutter your home. At Bay Portable Storage we keep the stress to a minimum. We deliver the storage box, you pack it, we pick it up and re-deliver it when you are ready. It’s that simple!

Bay Portable Storage Box is delivered to you by trailer. The storage box is made up of plywood and comes with a waterproof protective cover. When you are ready to begin packing, just unzip the cover and open your storage box door. You have 24 hours to pack your storage box. If you need some more time, just give us a ring. We even have professional friendly guys who can give you a hand to help pack your box if you need it. We have trolleys to make it easy for you. Once you’re finished, secure your load with the hooks provided inside the Storage Box. Once you are all packed and ready, lock the box with your padlock and we will collect the box to take back to our secure storage location until you are ready to have it re-delivered.

If you’ve moved here from out-of-town you can also bring your goods to our location and pack them into a storage box in our designated loading area so that when you are ready for them, we can deliver them back to you.

If you’re moving overseas, we can store your items in our secure storage box at our secure warehouse.  When you are ready to ship your items overseas we can organise with your shipping broker to have your export certified box to go into a shipping container, all locked and secure, with less chance of theft.

If you need access to your storage box at any time, no problem! Just give us 24 hours notice so we can get your box ready for you.  We will locate your box and place it in our designated loading area where you may come anytime during our business hours.

Packing your Portable Storage Box is easy.  Because our storage boxes come on a trailer, we can get them as close to your door as possible, making the packing of your storage box efficient and effortless. When packing your storage box it is a good idea to use blankets and tie downs.  We have conveniently placed hooks inside your storage box to be able to secure your load for transit. If you need some help packing, or need products for packing, we can help with this too.

We do have some Prohibited items you can not store in a Portable Storage Box.  Click here see our prohibited items list or contact us for more information.

Have you thought about selling not-so-precious goods? We hold a secondhand dealers license.  Not only can we store your precious goods, if you have items that you do not want to store, we can sell them on your behalf or we can buy your items at a fair price.  Terms and conditions do apply.  Please contact us for more information.