Handy Tips

Handy Tips

Here are some great tips to help keep items in good condition when storing your goods for any length of time.

Using our cardboard boxes, bubble wrap and plastic covers, wrapping valuable goods in paper and blankets will help keep your goods more secure while in transit.  You may pack drawers and cupboards with light items to maximise your storage space.  It’s a good idea to pack your drawers with the drawers facing the wall so they can not open while in transit.  Wrap all breakables and china.

Pack heavy items like books and tools in smaller boxes so they are easier to handle and load them first, store them at the bottom of your storage box with lighter things on top.

Do not store anything that is damp or has just been dry cleaned.

Wrap mattresses with a mattress plastic cover.

Cover lounge suites with a moving blanket.

Although the storage boxes are wooden and they are very breathable.  During humid times we recommend that you use a moisture absorber in your storage unit.

When storing appliances they should be fully defrosted and cleaned, with the doors left ajar.  Placing a towel in between the door is a good idea to stop it from closing. This will avoid mould build up.  Be sure all washing machine hoses are drained and free of water.

All electrical appliances should be bubble wrapped and wrapped in cardboard.  If original boxes are available, those should be used.

Batteries are best removed to avoid leaking damage to your items.

Polish your wooden furniture before storing as this will help protect it.

Check with you insurance company that you are still covered under your insurance policy while items are being stored.

You may purchase packaging supplies from our facility.  We will deliver them to you with your storage box or you may pick them up from our facility.